Joining Our Virtual Classes

We are thrilled to offer virtually live classes. Check our schedule and read below to find out how to set things up.

Here’s how you can participate:

Device. You can use any computer, tablet, or smartphone that has a reliable internet connection – though whatever device you have with a larger screen is preferable. All other programs should be closed down on your device while you are participating. Remember to plug your device into a power outlet so that your battery will not be drained.

Download the Zoom application. This only has to be done once for each device you use. Go to: to download Zoom. Follow your device’s prompts to install the Zoom download. You do not need to create a Zoom account to access the online services.

Sign up for the class on Mindbody. Sign in to Mindbody and register for the class you’d like to join at least an hour before the class begins. You’ll register just as you would for our in-studio classes – from the class schedule select the virtual class you’d like to join and sign up. You will need to have a current pass on hand and the classes each count as a visit on your pass. All virtual classes are included in unlimited memberships. Make sure that we have your current email address in your account profile as we will use the one listed in Mindbody.

The Zoom link. About a half hour before the class begins we will email you the Zoom link. Click this link 5-10 minutes before class begins to settle in, troubleshoot, and say hello. The Zoom application you downloaded will run automatically, and you will be admitted into the class as it begins.

Set yourself up. Find a quiet and safe place that you can practice in for the duration of the service. Have your mat rolled out and any props handy. Dress as if you’re coming to the studio – wear comfortable, stretchy clothing.

When class begins. To hear the audio choose the option to join with computer or device audio. When you enter the Zoom meeting you will be automatically muted to reduce noise disturbance and sound interruption. There may be times when having video on is not possible or appropriate for you; please honor that as you have full control over it. Generally, however, we recommend video on so that we can build the element void in recorded videos: visual and energetic connection to your teacher and fellow yogis. This way teachers can cue to provide you the best practice and you can feel a sense of motivation present in community.

Practice On! Remember to modify the practice as you need to honor your body and your edge. Just as in regular classes, be sure to participate in class styles appropriate for your experience level. Enjoy your practice!