Showing Up for One Another

At Mudra our community shows up for one another. Here’s how we can continue that service during reopening:

Class registration/payment.
Register and pay for classes ahead of time online through Mindbody to ensure that you receive a spot and to reduce contact needed for an in-person exchange. Since space is limited, please be courteous in your sign ups. If you need to cancel your registration please do it on-line at least 2 hours prior to the start time. This will open the spot up for another person.

The studio will open just 10 minutes before class start and the door will be propped open. If you arrive earlier than that, please wait in your car or outside. You may line up with 6’ spacing outside the studio doors at 10 minutes before class time. There is hand sanitizer on the front shelves – please use it as you enter. There are other bottles around the studio as well.

Follow the Stars – Six Feet Between Mats.
There is space for nine in-person students and one teacher with 6’ distancing between mats! We have stars on the floor to mark proper mat placement. When you arrive, you will set up so that a star is at the front center of your mat. Please fill the right side of the room first and work left towards the prop storage shelving.

What to Bring.
If you have them – your own props and mat. A filled water bottle as the drinking fountain is off duty. A face mask. Your good cheer and practice! We will not provide blankets, straps, massage balls or eye-pillows at this time. Bolsters will have waterproof coverings that can be easily disinfected.

Face Masks.
We ask that you wear a cloth or disposable face mask or covering while at Mudra to protect yourself and your fellow yogis. If you have a particular reason why you can’t wear a mask, please let us know as it may be best to have you continue on virtual and pre-recorded classes at this time.

We will no longer be able to store your mat at the studio. Personal mats still at the studio will need to be taken home next time you’re in – please stop in by June 15 to do so. These are currently in the lobby area to simplify pick up. Place any of your belongings at the back of our yoga mat or in the lobby rather than in the back room to limit pinch points.

During Class.
We are holding off on hugs and any hands-on assists at this time. Please practice breathing through the nose as you move. This is what most of you are used to with the normal yogic breath and a great time to reinforce it.

After Class.
If you’ve used Mudra equipment, leave it in your spot as your instructor will disinfect it. Then go outside and safely socialize with your fellow yogis!

Stay Home if you have Symptoms or Contact.
Please stay home if you currently have or have had within the prior two weeks any of the following symptoms:

Fever * Cough * Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing * Chills * Muscle pain * Headache * Sore throat * New loss of taste or smell

Please also stay home if you’ve had contact with someone with COVID-19 or been in a high concentration area within the prior two weeks. If you come in showing signs of illness, we will ask you not to practice and to return home. Please know not to take this personally if it happens. If you come down with COVID-19, please let us know so that we can be a helpful line in contact tracing. Know that we believe that there is no shame in contracting a virus and it is of great service to inform and protect community as much as possible.

The studio and high-use surfaces will be cleaned between each class with virus-killing disinfectant. The practice floor, will likewise be disinfected after each class. The studio will undergo deep cleanings throughout the week. We will continue to follow OHA requirements.

Class Scheduling.
During the first weeks of opening, we will limit the number of in-studio classes each day to allow plenty of space between classes to clean and air out the space.

We will keep some classes virtual for the time being.  Since props in-studio are limited, we’ll hold Relax and Restore classes virtually for some time as using pillows and blankets at home is a nice solution. We will also have our pre-recorded library of classes available online for your home practice through the summer as well.