Keeping Mudra a Healthy Space

Mudra has a consistent and thoughtful cleaning schedule in place every day. However, we’re stepping up a couple of procedures in an effort to keep current contagions away. Here’s what we’re doing, and what we’re asking you to do as well:

What we ask you to do:
• Wash your hands. Please wash your hands before and after class, and we’ll do the same. Avoid touching your face with your hands.
• Wipe down your props. You already wipe down your borrowed mats, but we’re asking you to start wiping down your blocks that you use as well. If you have your own mat and props, you can bring those to use during classes.
o For restorative and gentle classes, you can bring a towel or pillowcase to put over the bolster or blankets. We’ve removed the eye pillows for a bit and will bring them back post flu season.
• Remain aware and steady. When confronted with a problem, remaining calm so that you can take appropriate action is key. Know what you can control. Take stock of your own environment. Wash surfaces and your hands throughout the day.
• Stay home if you’re sick or in a high-risk category. Stay home when you’re sick – even if it’s just a cold. Check in with reliable news sources around COVID-19 like the CDC and WHO.

What We’re Doing:
• We disinfect and launder props regularly, but teachers will also be spraying down props with disinfectant just after class. You will notice that we’ll also be using less props in class in general.
• We already mop down floors after each class and deep clean the studio, disinfecting all surfaces twice weekly. We’ll be sanitizing surfaces even more often for the rest of the flu season.
• Stocking soaps, cleansers, tissues, disposable towels in bathroom, and disinfectants.
• Community responsibility. If you come in coughing or showing signs of illness, we will ask you not to practice and to return only when your symptoms have cleared. Please know not to take this personally if it happens.
• Staff will stay home if sick too. Your health is important to us! If it becomes necessary to cancel classes, we will let you know. We also commit to the same things we’re asking of you in the section above.
• Limiting Hugs and Hands-On Adjustments. Yogis love to give hugs! But, for now, let’s elbow bump or smile affectionately instead. 😊

We will be on a reduced schedule 3/16-20 then closed 3/21, hoping to return on 3/30. We will keep checking to see the status of things as spring break ends. Stay tuned!