A Snapshot of Aricha


Aricha  grew up in Eugene, Oregon, playing in dirt, her nose in a book, unafraid of the rain. Since her first yoga class at the age of 18, she found that practicing yoga opened dimensions for her that she hadnʼt even dreamed of; whatʼs more, she had found a union of grace and strength between body and mind after years of struggling with anorexia.

Aricha is a RYT 500 – having received formal yoga training at Yandara Yoga and completed 600 hours of yoga and natural health education at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, specializing in Yoga Nidra. She enjoys leading slow and relaxing classes – infusing classes with Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, and Restorative styles. As a teacher, Aricha yearns to nourish joy, vibrance and clarity in all whom she is blessed to have in her company. Find out more about Aricha in our mini-interview:

Where are you from?
Eugene, OR!

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one type of meal, what would it be?
Veggies roasted in bacon grease on a bed of kale with a side of Yumm sauce.

Coffee or tea? What type/brew?
Both– a smooth dark roast coffee Bulletproof style with extra butter or my standby, peppermint tea.

What do you do for fun (besides yoga)?
I enjoy spin classes, travel, reading, thrift shopping and gardening.

What is the craziest job you’ve had?
When I was 18 I lived in Jackson Hole, WY and sold cowboy boots and hats–of which I had no knowledge!

Where do you draw inspiration?
Traveling, being in nature, and literature – especially poetry.

What is one of your favorite books? Why?
100 Years of Solitude because of the richness of the magical realism genre.

Three songs you love:
In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins,
Soy Yo by Bomba Estereo,
Love The Life You Live by Midnite.

Favorite yoga posture?

Why do you practice and teach yoga?
I practice yoga because it helps me be mindful, dissolve stagnancy in my body and live with an open heart. I teach it to share practices that promote a sense of freedom and grounding in a chaotic world.

You can catch Aricha at our special monthly Yoga Nidra events.