Do you offer private sessions?

Yes!  We offer one-on-one as well as private group sessions.

One-on-one sessions are ideal for assessing and progressing your practice. During your session, your instructor will discuss your goals, challenges and strengths and work with you to improve your yoga postures. Depending on your aim, we can help you establish an accessible routine, give advice and tips on how to fine-tune your practice, or simply lead you through a practice designed specifically for you.  One hour, in-studio, one-on-one sessions are $65. Contact us or speak with your teacher to set up an appointment.

We also offer private group sessions that are ideal for wedding parties, work gatherings, groups of friends and family, or special events.  These are class-style sessions limited to your designated attendees. We will speak with you beforehand to determine the best style and level for your group. You can also request the style of music that suits your event best – we have traditional yoga music, more modern mixes and blends of both.  In-studio, private group sessions start at $100/hour for up to 10 attendees. Our studio is beautifully suited for groups, instantly sets the atmosphere for a stellar yoga session, and in it groups have access to our quality props. Additional fees apply for larger groups or off-site locations.

Looking to set up a corporate group or recurring class? Contact us to negotiate: [email protected]