Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does “Mudra” mean?

    Mudra is pronounced moo-drah. Mudras are hand and body postures that bridge the inner experience with the outer world. These gestures allow energy to flow freely to link the two realities and manifest positive aspects such as peace, courage, health, and gratitude.

    Like a mudra, Mudra Yoga serves as a bridge to one’s internal and external worlds by providing a space of retreat and a revitalizing yoga practice. So much of society demands facades that can make a person feel inauthentic or drained. Mudra is dedicated to creating an authentic experience that meets clients where they are and supports individual growth without the demanding expectations that can exist in other areas of their lives.

  • I will be coming to the studio for the first time. What do I need to know?

    You can schedule and pay for a class before you arrive on-line through the class schedule page.

    Please arrive 10 minutes before the class begins to register and hear about the studio.

    • Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes like yoga pants, tank tops, shorts, and t-shirts. Do not wear jeans or socks. You will be barefoot during class.
    • Remove shoes upon entering.
    • We carry high quality yoga mats and props for your free use during classes. If you have a yoga mat, feel free to bring it. Mats can be stored at the studio, just remember to label it with your name before leaving it.
    • You can also bring a sealable water bottle to drink from and a towel to wipe the sweat off your brow.
    • Silence all cell phones upon entering the studio and stash them with the rest of your belongings in the cubbies near the changing area. You may leave a phone on vibrate in the class only if you are an emergency professional on call or if a family member urgently needs to contact you.
    • It is best not to eat within the hour before class.
    • Replace used props mindfully after practice.

    If you live locally, be sure to take advantage of our First Timer’s Special so that you can try out as many classes and instructors as you wish!

  • What if I’m running late to class?

    We all are late sometimes, and this is ok. We just ask that you enter as mindfully as possible when arriving after class has begun. If the teacher is speaking and class is in the first moments of quietly settling in, please simply take a seat in the first space you come to, calm any rushed feelings, and wait to put your things away or unroll your mat until people are moving and the class is active. Then do your best not to disrupt students as you set up your space and settle in.

  • Is Vinyasa yoga the same as Hot Yoga?

    Hot yoga and Vinyasa yoga can have similarities in terms of postures, flow and breathwork, however they are not the same. Hot yoga is typically practiced in a room that is heated at 95 degrees or higher. At Mudra rooms will be kept warm to ensure comfort and enrich the practice, but not hot. Typical temperature will be 75-80 degrees.

  • I haven’t practiced yoga much, will I still be able to participate in the Vinyasa style classes?

    Yes! If you’re totally new to yoga, the best plan is to start out with a Gentle Yoga or Steady Flow Vinyasa class to get a feel for the poses and more alignment cues; then gradually move up to the more active classes like Steady Flow II and Vinyasa. However, you can take any class and move into restful poses as needed throughout. The teacher of the class monitors students and will offer you modifications and instruction as needed. There are also yoga props available to assist in the poses. We have lots of slower yoga and people practicing at all levels, so don’t feel intimidated to step in – we love to welcome new students!

  • How often should I practice?

    In order to increase strength, focus, and flexibility it is ideal to practice 3-5 times per week. If you are only able to make it to a couple of Mudra classes a week, flowing through 5-10 sun salutes a day at home will really help maintain your practice between classes.

  • What if I have an injury?

    In the practice of yoga, you must be willing to follow your own safe boundaries. Please pay attention to your body and use modifications as appropriate. Also ask your doctor or health care provider for their medical input and approval to practice before you begin.

    In general also remember:

    • Honor your limitations.
    • If it hurts, don’t do it. Instead find a pose that feels good or modify the position.
    • Focus on what you are able to do today – not on what you did last year or what you think you should be able to do. Be honest so that your body can heal.
    • Appreciate all that your body can do and enjoy your practice!
  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Mastercard and Visa as well as cash and checks.

  • Where is Mudra located?

    Mudra is in Station Square in the historic 5th Street Market district! Our address is 199 E 5th Avenue, Suite 33. We’re located on the second floor which gives a sense of urban vibe, yet with a nest-like insulation! Parking is abundant in the district. This is a vibrant area full of fantastic local shops and eateries.

  • How do I buy a gift card for my friend?

    You can buy Mudra Yoga gift cards online as well as in person. You can even seamlessly purchase a gift card online that can be automatically e-mailed to the recipient. Your recipient can redeem their gift online or in the studio. Now that’s slick technology. Ready to get the gift that truly keeps on giving? Start here to purchase a gift card online.  

    If the link doesn’t take you directly to the gift card page, go to the “Online Store” tab and choose “Gift Cards”. Fill in the fields, make payment and wallah!

  • Do you offer private sessions?

    Yes!  We offer one-on-one as well as private group sessions.

    One-on-one sessions are ideal for assessing and progressing your practice. During your session, your instructor will discuss your goals, challenges and strengths and work with you to improve your yoga postures. Depending on your aim, we can help you establish an accessible routine, give advice and tips on how to fine-tune your practice, or simply lead you through a practice designed specifically for you.  One hour, in-studio, one-on-one sessions are $65. Contact us or speak with your teacher to set up an appointment.

    We also offer private group sessions that are ideal for wedding parties, work gatherings, groups of friends and family, or special events.  These are class-style sessions limited to your designated attendees. We will speak with you beforehand to determine the best style and level for your group. You can also request the style of music that suits your event best – we have traditional yoga music, more modern mixes and blends of both.  In-studio, private group sessions start at $100/hour for up to 10 attendees. Our studio is beautifully suited for groups, instantly sets the atmosphere for a stellar yoga session, and in it groups have access to our quality props. Additional fees apply for larger groups or off-site locations.

    Looking to set up a corporate group or recurring class? Contact us to negotiate: [email protected]

  • Are you looking for instructors?

    We are always open to meeting potential Mudra team members! If you are interested in teaching at Mudra, we require that you visit the studio first to take classes, to make sure the studio is a good fit for you, and so that we can get to know you a bit. If you like what you see, contact Heather, let her know of your interest and drop off or send your resume to: [email protected] .

    Yes, we like to see resumes as we consider teaching a truly professional job and it’s nice to have your experience clearly organized on one nicely formatted page. Note that there are so many experiences outside of yoga that help develop the skills of a great instructor, so be sure to include other work experiences you think heighten your employability.

    Instructors must be Yoga Alliance RYT-200 or have equivalent teaching and training experience.

  • What are folks saying? Reviews…

    “LOVE Mudra so very much – thank you for making it such a wonderful place to practice!”

    “Wonderful space to practice – learn and grow. Always a welcome smile and being greeted by name is an awesome practice in making you feel a part of a community.”

    What do you like most about Mudra?
    “The well-taught classes that masterfully balance strength and restorative work. The convenient schedule. The community feel. Instructors who help with modifications and thoughtful progress.”

    “The atmosphere, easy parking, awesome vibe. Space is bright, clean and inspiring.”

    “The space is beautiful and comfortable, the community is inviting, and the teachers are creative, responsive, and thoughtful.”

    “It’s modern with the music but the staff still are traditional in their practice – a great mix of old and new . I love that the instructors challenge you and give you opportunities to advance in your own practice.”

    Aw-shucks, folks – we love you too!
    What others are saying

    What About the Yoga Teacher Training?
    “From day one I felt like a member of a family – a healthy one in every sense of the word. I was encouraged to self reflect on why I was participating, what my goals were, and how I absorbed and interpreted new ideas and information from the teachings and assigned readings. I went into the training wanting to learn more about yoga beyond the asana practice. That journey, that path is solidly in place for me” – Wendy

    “Mudra’s 200 Hour YTT was a challenging deep dive into all things yoga – reshaping my perspective from receptive practitioner to responsible instructor. The course was well-thought out, well taught, very supportive and fun!” – Amy

    “I am thankful every day that I chose to complete my Yoga 200-hour training at Mudra. I looked at many options for training, overseas and local options. When Mudra decided to teach a training, my search was over. Completing this initial training at home was exactly what I wanted. At home, I would be engaged in life while training and I already had familiarity with the teachers. Other immersive training programs will uncover a lot of knowledge and information, but in an environment that is disconnected from daily practice. This was a journey of enlightenment. As a part of the training, my regular practice was an opportunity to see my training and knowledge come to life. Here the practice has a home, your practice will change, what you will learn and how it will change you is a part of the journey. Though my official training program is over, the learning continues. I love seeing the instructors and co-trainees from week to week. We are all continuing to grow and explore the practice. This training will not be easy, but it will be WORTH it. Together we developed a special bond that will last a lifetime. I am thankful to continue practicing at Mudra Yoga Eugene.” – Karen

    “YTT increased my love for the asana practice. It gave me a depth in practicing a more yogic lifestyle, which enhances all parts of my life.” – Rachel

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