Closing FAQ

This is disappointing news! When are you closing?

It is sad news… Mudra will continue to hold in-studio, outdoor and virtual classes through August 31st. Our online library of pre-recorded videos will remain up until the end of September. The only pass now available for purchase is a Drop-In at the discounted rate of $15.

Why are you closing?

The economic and social realities of the ongoing pandemic present insurmountable difficulties. The running of Mudra in its current setup is no longer sustainable.

Is there any way I can help / can we try to raise money for Mudra?

We appreciate that the community may want to help, but even with donations, we do not foresee a long-term solution for keeping our doors open. The biggest support would be for you to use your remaining passes and send us stories of how Mudra impacted your life! We would love to share your stories and your well wishes would soothe our souls. Emails can be sent to [email protected]

I still have classes on my pass. How do I use them?

If you have an outstanding class pass, you may use it for classes running through August 31 as well as for our online library of pre-recorded classes which is up through the end of September. Because we stretched our funding to provide services for as long as possible, we are not in a position to provide refunds.

I am a Member; will my Membership be cancelled automatically?

Yes, all Autopay Memberships will be cancelled when your current month runs out. As our gift to autopay members, you will still be able to access our library of pre-recorded, online classes through the end of September.

Are you going to have a sale of all the retail merchandise?

Retail in stock at the studio is now 30% off for the remainder of August. Please come get props and soon-to-be retro Mudra gear! You can come in 10 minutes before or after any class on our in-studio schedule to see what’s available.

Is Mudra or any of its assets, for sale?

The owner is open to offers. You can email [email protected]

What are you going to do next?

Mudra instructors may continue to lead yoga classes on their own. Stay tuned on our Instagram and Facebook pages to read their goodbye notes as they arrive. Heather has plans only to decompress for a while and figure out what life after Mudra can be.