Philosophy of Yoga, May 6

How do you create deeper understanding in your life and in your practice? Are there simple practices that, when properly understood, will support you throughout your life? And where (and when) did yoga come from anyway? The answers might surprise you.

Oversimplification is common to yogic philosophy because of its wide historical breadth, varied texts, and seemingly disparate viewpoints. Join this workshop for an accurate, easy-to-digest overview of yoga philosophy that, when applied, will intensify your practice and your life for the better! Join Emily, Mudra Yoga Instructor and long-time student of folklore and literature, as she shares the ancient roots of our modern yoga practice.

In the Philosophy of Yoga, we’ll:

  • Articulate a broad, general history of yoga
  • Locate the primary yogic texts within this history
  • Understand the three schools of yogic thought
  • Connect texts to practice
  • Learn the practices themselves mentioned within the texts

This will primarily be a lecture-style workshop with a few, mellow practical applications of pranayama and poses – so, wear comfortable clothes, but they don’t have to be yoga attire. We’ll have Mountain Rose Herb tea on hand, so be sure to bring in a travel mug to fill up and sip on!

Registration: $25. Monthly AutoPay Members receive 10% off. Sunday, May 6, 11am-1pm.  Register today!

“When the wisdom of [your own] well-considered experience is joined coherently to well-grounded factual knowledge, you have a strong foundation from which to successfully navigate both the path of yoga and the world in general.” —Christopher Wallis

Mudra Yoga