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Karen joins the Team!

Get to know Mudra’s newest instructor, Karen, better and join her for Steady Flow every Sunday at 9:15am.

Where are you from?  
London, England; lived in Orlando Florida before Eugene.  

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one type of meal, what would it be? 
Chocolate mousse…  Oh, I thought you said Dessert Island 🙂  I would have a bowl of kale, avocado, tomatoes, almonds and a side of toast.  (Unlimited toast.)

Coffee or tea? What type/brew? 
Tea: matcha with oat milk, sweetened with vanilla. Go to default: chai tea. (Also like an iced London Fog from teahouse.) 

What do you do for fun (besides yoga)? 
Ultimate frisbee, volleyball, Bachata dancing and architecture. 

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
Introvert (love people and myself.)

What’s an ideal weekend for you? 
Brunch, yoga, friends, laughter… 

Where do you draw inspiration? 
I draw inspiration from experience, feeling, challenge and growth. 

Three songs you love: 
(This is a hard question.)
Michael Franti – Say hey;
Lion King – Ha Kunana Matata; and
Seize the Day from the Newsies.

Favorite yoga posture? 
All the arm balances. Embrace the weight shift and the challenge. 

Why do you practice and teach yoga? 
I practice because I think yoga is both fun and challenging. I enjoy practicing in a group.  I appreciate the support of the community.  The practice is all about growth and change. I teach for the same reasons.  Teaching is a lot of fun. I believe it is fun to instruct students on their journey to yoga enlightenment. For that reason teaching is a good challenge as, like each pose, every student is different and there is more than one way to approach the practice.  As I continue on this journey as yoga teacher and practitioner I am excited to experience the emotions and the evolution.  Unlimited gratitude to my teachers, yogi pals, and family!