Go Deep: Yoga Philosophy in Practice

Advance your practice and understanding of yoga foundations with a training track for all! Attend one or all of these classes to gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy and techniques.  Each class will consist of about an hour of lecture and discussion; and an hour of physical practice incorporating the tools presented. Choose one or two to attend or participate in all three for a discounted rate. All levels welcome. Take your practice to a deeper, more profound level in an accessible, supportive environment:

Advanced Yoga Training

May 19: Mudras and Bandhas: Mudras and bandhas are used to establish intent, and direct energy and breath through the body to supercharge your practice and boost energy! Practice the hand gestures and full body postures of mudras to establish focus while engaging bandhas, or energy locks, as you direct energy, and support the postures.

May 26: Pranayama: Pranayama, or breath work, is a profound toolused in yoga and meditation. Breath rhythms can be used to calm the mind, establish focus, and even to energize. Learn several pranayama techniques and put them to use to nourish the body – in this class and beyond into your everyday living!

June 2: Chakras: Come learn about the seven primary energy centers of the body! Find out which of your chakras are in balance and learn to activate these centers for greater well-being. A flow posture practice will heighten your awareness of the chakras and allow you to connect with the energies of each.


$30/ Class or $75 for all three. Autopay Monthly Members receive 10% off.  Sign up here.

Time and What to Bring:
Each session runs 11am-1pm.

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that you can move easily in (think yoga attire). Make sure to have layers so that you stay warm when shifting back and forth from discussions to active practice. Mats and props are available at the studio, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. Also bring a notebook, pen and water bottle.

Mudra Instructor, Emily Ridout, is an accomplished Yoga Teacher, Astrologer and Folklorist. She presents complex ideas in a clear, open and accessible way. She weaves her passions together to create dynamic, informative and engaging offerings.