Heart Health with Dr. Carden, 2/27, 10:30am

Join us for a FREE informational class on Heart Health on Saturday 2/27 at 10:30am! Dr. Priya Carden, PCP will lead a discussion on how your daily living and nutrition choices impact your heart health.
Specific topics include:

  • Heart healthy diet for cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Lifestyle routines and their effects – including caffeine intake, sleep, exercise, and daily rhythm.
  • The benefits of breathing meditation for the heart.
  • Specific vitamins/nutrients that support heart health and how to incorporate them into your diet.

Sign up here or at the studio.

About the Instructor:
Dr. Priya Carden earned her MD from Northwestern University Medical School in 2002 and completed her Residency in Internal Medicine. She practiced both as a Primary Care Physician and as an Academic Hospitalist in Madison, WI and worked in the PeaceHealth Hospital and White Bird Clinic when she moved to Eugene. She now operates her own primary care clinic, Maple Tree Healing, with a unique, community-focussed membership structure that allows patients access to care as they need it – by text, e-mail, phone, in-home, and in clinic. She is training in Functional Medicine which emphasizes eliminating the cause of modern disease rather than solely focusing on symptom treatment.

Peace Meditation

Join guest instructor, Sarah Finney, for a free, guided meditation for 12226979_1146058978745591_6710175505100185862_npeace at Mudra this Sunday, November 22, 10:30-11:30am. Recent events have brought awareness to violence in the world. This is nothing new and violence persists in many corners. What is new is our collective awareness and response to it – our desire for peace and resolution. Join us on Sunday for a meditation to continue to build peaceful intention for yourself and, like ripples in a pond, for the world. No prior experience necessary. Please sign up through our online system or simply show up.


Duck Downtown is Back!

Duck season is back and we’re teaming up with Duck Downtown uo-duck-downtown-250again to offer a spirited deal on the Fridays before home football games! Each Friday before a home game you can get $5 off a Drop In rate (that’s just $10 for a class!) if! – if you are intentionally wearing yellow and green to class. This applies to any Friday class on the following dates:

September 18 & 25
October 9
November 6 & 20

Note: due to computer complexity this is for a drop-in rate only – not a discount to existing passes… Those with existing passes can still partake by holding on to their pass for later and purchasing a drop in for this special deal.

Duck on down!

Mudra RE:thinks Business

IMG_2978Mudra has just earned Bring Recycling‘s RE:think certification for sustainability in business. From the sustainably harvested bamboo flooring, to the LED lights; from the low VOC paints to the neutral cleaners; from the reused barn wood shelving to the vintage fixtures – Mudra is committed to promoting the health of the environment and the community with the actions we make at the studio. It is wonderful to be in Bring’s RE:think business community!

FLASH SALE! October 17-22

We want you to try out our newest classes this month, so each of the following classes is just a $5 drop-in this week only – 10/17-10/22. Come say hello to Steve and Leah this week – you are sure to enjoy the practice and adore their heart-forward personalities! This deal applies to the following classes:

  • Monday & Wednesday 9:15am Steady Flow
  • Friday 6:30am Sunrise Steady Flow
  • Saturday 12:30pm Gentle Yoga

Note: due to computer complexity this is for a drop-in rate only – not a discount to existing passes… Those with existing passes can still partake by holding on to their pass for later and purchasing a drop in for this special deal. If you’ve got an Unlimited Pass – well done! – you’re already on the super deal train.

Wanderlust Wonderings by Heather

Going on an adventure gives one the opportunity to really dive in to the world. Wanderlust and the trip there and back was no exception. The yoga festival was incredibly full, vibrant, and joyful. The teachers were stunning, the music invigorating, the scenery entrancing and the possibilities endless.

Coming from a small, progressive town and a humble, urban garden, family life, I had to adjust to the sheer magnitude of decadence, splendor and wealth. Three things that can curiously throw me off my game. Judgement and resistance came crawling forward. When we judge and resist, we unplug from the world in order to make ourselves comfortable. I recognized this tendency and it took breath, courage, silliness, opening, relaxation and a bigger perspective to settle my mind enough to truly experience this bright and rare event.

And I’m so glad I did as it allowed in understanding, golden lessons, amazingly diverse people, joy, passion, and great beauty. I had a blast, pushed some physical and mental boundaries, and returned inspired to continue sharing my yoga knowledge with all of you!  A big lesson is just to Plug In! Challenge yourself to release judgement, fear and any death grip on comfort to become and/or remain a true participant in this crazy world -it is a challenge that we have to keep stepping up to the plate for – especially when thrown in to new situations. Lead with the heart – tap into the feeling you get when expanding across the chest for Triangle; the energy and positive vulnerability you heighten in a beautiful backbend like Wheel; the stability and focus you gather in Tree, the courage you feel in Warrior II. Working through fear and instability is worth it as this practice keeps us young, nimble, vibrant, joyful, open and interesting.

While you’re sure to hear lots of teachings come through in my classes, here are some of my favorite quotes from the festival:

“If you need a block, use a block. If you don’t, don’t. Who cares?” Nicki Doane
(Paraphrasing) Turn off your cell phones. All this picture-taking and posting like mad to social media… “It’s fuckin’ weird” (Direct Quote) – Ana Forrest
“I am not the mind. I am that which experiences the mind thinking” – Rod Stryker
“Yoga teachers are DJ’s” – DJ Taz
In a Happy Baby-like pose (Paraphrasing) -Isn’t it amazing that we can open our hips in this way? 50-60 years ago people would be shocked to see us this way. It wouldn’t have happened. Now, we’re just like our natural baby selves, able to explore our hips. – Shiva Rea
“Everybody oughta hug somebody, at least once a day.
And everybody oughta kiss somebody, at least once a day.
Everybody’s gonna miss somebody, at least once a day.
And everybody gotta love somebody, every day!” – Michael Franti

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Bring a Friend… or Two… or More

Mudra is dedicating May to friends and family! Bring in new to the studio friends May 1 – May 16 and be entered into a raffle to win an all-access pass to Mudra (better known as one month of unlimited yoga)! During the first two weeks of May you will be entered into a drawing each time you bring a friend in who has not been to the studio before.

The more friends you bring, the more times you will be entered to win! If your friend purchases the First-Timer’s Special on their first visit, they will also be entered into the drawing. After classes on the 16th  we’ll draw a name to see who wins the month of yoga! Round up your pals and get them lined up to visit Mudra in May!



How do you do, Nicky?

Where are you from?10329295_10100582747760665_5637280793303285371_n I am originally from Southern California, but have spent the last 3 years moving from CA, to Senegal, to Massachusetts and now to the PNW.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one type of meal, what would it be?
I would have lots and lots of sushi! It is always my “go-to” meal!

Coffee or tea? What type/brew?
I love Chai tea to put a kick in my step, and green tea for the rest of the day. Plus, there is this great tea called Bangle Spice made by Celestial that is perfect before bed

What do you do for fun (besides yoga)?
For fun, I love running, hiking, and generally being outdoors. That’s not to say I don’t love a good day/night of Netflix bingeing. They have some great documentaries that I could watch all day.

What is the craziest job you’ve had?
Before moving up the the PNW I was working at an online marketing company. It wasn’t what I wanted to do at all, but it helped me make ends meet before I moved to Oregon for grad school. I didn’t even really know what it was I was going to be doing, but once I started the job, I realized I was serving pop-up ads on the internet to people! Remember those shoes you were shopping for online? Isn’t it weird how they follow you from website to website via an ad in the corner of the page? I was making sure that happened to you! It was a little “soul-sucking”, but it was a good experience.

Where do you draw inspiration?
Friends and family mostly. I try to use daily life to help inspire me through the various outlets I have. I am very involved in the community through school and work, and I try to let the lines bleed as much as possible. I love it when I can extract something from one part of my life and inject it into another seamlessly.

What is your favorite book?
My favorite book is Life of Pi. I think it was an incredible message and the ending is a MIND BLOWER! The movie did a good job at recreating it, but the book is always better.

Three songs you love:
Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry
Shake it Off by Taylor Swift
Big Pimpin by Jay Z (I know its kinda random, but it reminds me of summer time!)

Favorite yoga posture?
My favorite yoga posture is probably shoulder stand. I think it feels amazing on the body, and I love adding different modifications to it.

Why do you practice and teach yoga?
I practice yoga because I find it to be a soothing moving meditation for the body. Both stretching and strengthening is something you can get in few other activities. Teaching yoga has allowed me to continue to learn and grow my yoga experience, while also getting to interact with people who have a varying knowledge of yoga. I love exposing people to new things and new styles, while learning from them through their practice. Its ends up being the exchange I get in every class that keeps me coming back and expanding my passion for yoga.

P.S. – ask her about her time in the Peace Corps – she’s been up to all kinds of good stuff!

Chat with Lindsey

_MG_9683_edit01_sfw - Version 2Where’s your home town?
San Ramon, CA

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one type of meal, what would it be?
I would choose a big bowl of quinoa, vegetables, beans, and a lemon tahini sauce. This would pack a lot of nutrients into one bowl!

Coffee or tea? What type/brew?
As much as I love a good cup of black coffee, I feel so much more nourished after a cup of tea. I would have to choose tea – and my favorite is green.

What do you do for fun (besides yoga)?
Anything outside in nature. Hiking, running, cycling, time in our garden, etc. I really like my daily walks with Max, our yellow lab. I turn off my phone and completely unplug which is very refreshing. I also love to read.

Greatest joy?
I find joy in lots of things. Hanging with friends and family. Traveling. Everyday life; spending time with my husband and our dog.

Where do you draw inspiration?
I draw inspiration from all over. Friends, family, books, podcasts, blogs, etc. One thing I have learned from my yoga practice is that you miss a lot of things in life if you are not present. I’m not always good at it but I try to be present as much as I can. I have found that inspiration comes from unexpected places.

What is your favorite book?
I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I love a great novel that I can get completely lost in for hours. But I also like to read books about things I’m interested in learning. Rather than a favorite, I’ll tell you what I’m reading right now. Currently I’m reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and doing the weekly exercises. I highly recommend this book, so check it out! I’m also reading Spirit Junkie by Gabby Bernstein.

What is your favorite time of day?
Mornings! I like to get up early, 5am or so. However, during my pregnancy it’s been more like 6am 🙂 I drink a cup of warm lemon water as I make our morning juice. Then I’m on my mat practicing with a meditation to follow. After my practice and meditation, I journal and eat breakfast.

Favorite yoga posture?
There are so many! I really enjoy half moon and reverse warrior. My favorite poses to teach are inversions. There can be a lot of fear and doubt associated with inversions. I like to teach students the steps to get into them safely and show them that they are capable even if they don’t believe it yet.

Why do you practice and teach yoga?
I practice because it makes me feel great physically, and has taught me so much about myself. I have grown as a person through practicing yoga, and this keeps me coming back to my mat. I know I have a lot more to learn. I teach because I want to share what yoga has given me with other people.

Yoga Or Growl… ahem… Yoga and Growl

The Tap and Growler and Mudra are teaming up to enrich your experience in Eugene’s Market District! Starting October 20th:

*Lunchtime Mudra yoga practitioners – enjoy 10% off at The Tap & Growler when pre-ordering lunch before class by calling or dropping in at their taproom. Then pick your meal up fresh and ready to go after practice!

*Monday Happy Hour Vinyasa students: Get 10% off T&G happy hour food and all glasses and filled growlers of non-alcoholic drinks and beer between 5-6pm when you mention that you’ve just practiced at Mudra! (They’ve got amazing kombucha, ginger ale, root beer and more on tap!)(Note -discount excludes tasting flights)