New Home

Coming soon to Eugene!  Mudra Yoga will be opening this summer. Please like us on Facebook to find out more about our progress and to learn when we will be open.


Micro-Chat with Leah

Where’s your home town?


Coffee or tea? What type/brew?
Coffee with a timer, so it’s warm and ready when the first child wakes!

What do you do for fun (besides yoga)?
I camp, hike, bike, knit , sew, and have dance parties with the kiddos.

Where do you draw inspiration?
From nature.

What do you love about Eugene?
It’s a perfect size  with friendly, down to earth people – it’s close to rivers , lakes , mountains and the sea!

Three songs you love:
Sweet Thing – Van Morrison
Beautiful Dawn – Wailin’ Jennys
The General – Dispatch

What is the craziest job you ever had?
I was a registered nurse at the VA in Portland – so many crazy, raw, beautiful experiences caring for veterans.

Favorite yoga posture?
Bound angle

Why do you practice yoga?
To quiet the mind while stretching and opening up the body . Yoga is my daily medicine for anxiety, chronic hip pain – whatever ailments I have I seem to always find some form of relief on my mat.

Why do you teach yoga – especially pre/post-natal?
Yoga has provided me with a simple and beautifully effective way to travel through all aspects of life with grace and joy. Returning to the breath quietly reminds the body of what we are truly capable of. I want to share the simple and incredibly powerful tools of yoga to our community.