Yoga Nidra

Join us for these special, monthly classes from 7-8:15pm on Sundays; August 26, September 23 & October 21!  Yoga Nidra escorts the mind into a deep, meditative, relaxed awareness or “yogic sleep”. The practice allows the wisdom of the body to facilitate natural healing work. Yoga Nidra is incredible in soothing tension and anxiety. Aricha draws from a deep foundation of study in the Integrative Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra.

The class consists of an approachable asana sequence designed to clear and prepare the body and mind, followed by gentle and effortless guided meditation while resting amongst bolsters and blankets . The beauty of Yoga Nidra is that one need not have prior experience with yoga nor meditation to drop in to the purity of this relaxation. Usher in the week ahead with a sense of clarity, peace and grounding.

While the studio is warm, it is wise to layer up and bring socks to wear while you’re lying still during the guided meditation.

$18 Day Of/$16 Before Date – AutoPay Members receive 10% off. Reserve your spot online here.


Vin/Yin Through the Chakras, Sept 13 & 27

Join Zoe on Thursdays, September 13 & 27 at 7-8:30pm for Vin/Yin! Each of these juicy Vin/Yin yoga classes will combine the power of Vinyasa with the slow holds of Yin Yoga. Meshing the two creates a profound, balancing, yin-yang yoga practice.

The sessions will include dynamic vinyasa flow, timed yin postures designed to increase flexibility, and a long, relaxing savasana with essential oils.

The first session will focus on hips and the lower chakras relating to grounding, confidence, and safety. The second session revolves around the heart and upper chakras pertaining to love, honest expression, choice making and spirituality.

Some prior yoga experience recommended.

Price: $20/session. Autopay Members receive 10% off.

Sign up for one or both! Register here for the first session, September 13th, and the second session, September 27th.


Mudra’s 4th Anniversary Celebration! September 28

All current Mudra class pass holders are cordially invited to celebrate Mudra’s 4th Anniversary with a tag-team flow followed by a social hour.  We’ll start at 5:30pm with a special 1 hour 15 minute vinyasa flow co-led by Mudra instructors and wrap up with kombucha/beer and time to mingle with community right after class – at 6:45pm. If you’re unable to attend the yoga class or sign up late and it’s filled, join us for the social time immediately following class to say cheers to what we’ve built as a community these past 4 years!

Free and open solely to current Mudra class pass holders. Sign up soon!

**Please note that the 4pm Happy Hour that Friday will be cancelled to allow prep time for the celebration**


Keep Your Yoga Practice Alive

By Shanti, E-RYT 500

Mudra Yoga

Imagine a beautiful garden, lush and green blooming with the fruits of your labor. Think about the time and attention it would take to not only grow the garden but to maintain it and work with it’s changing needs. Now imagine how the garden would look if it was not tended to for a week, a month, or a year. At first it might not look much different but over time the lush green would fade, the fruit would dry, and weeds would begin to take over. In many ways our yoga practice is like the garden. Without constant care and attention it too, can begin to fade and become dry.

With the hustle and bustle of life, family, children, friends, work, play, etc., sometimes our yoga practice can take the backseat. Perhaps we have just become bored or stagnant in our practice. There have been times in my life where I definitely have fallen into both of those traps and I always pay for it physically, mentally, and emotionally. A consistent and inspired practice is key in maximizing it’s benefits.

We are all creatures of habit to one degree or another. In our yoga practice it is perfectly natural to gravitate toward a style, teacher, or schedule that is comfortable to us. This can present a challenge in our practice in the sense that if we always stay in our comfort zone we might be stunting our growth. Lack of growth can mean fizzled inspiration. It is easy to lose interest if there is no excitement about progress. Our inspiration is the “key” ingredient in a consistent and growing experience. This is not to say one should always be changing styles and teachers. Consistency and routine are also important in maintaining a grounded practice.

If we want to grow, we have to accept discomfort that may come along with what we need personally for that growth. The moment we are called outside of our comfort zone we tend to begin resisting. Speaking from experience, the times that I have grown from the most have been some of the most challenging. I had to seriously fight through fear, discomfort, and resistance to come out the other side. That growth, strength, and inspiration can be like fertilizer for our practice and fuel for the challenges that lay ahead.

Applying this to our choices is fairly simple in theory. Our yoga practice should be enjoyable but also offer us an environment to investigate places we resist or feel challenged by. For example if you like to be challenged physically perhaps it would be beneficial to try a more restorative class or even a more restorative variation of a pose you typically practice with more strength. If you gravitate toward gentle yoga, maybe it is time to challenge yourself with something more strengthening or a more advanced variation of a pose you have been working on.

Does all this mean that to grow we have to practice in a way that doesn’t feel comfortable or natural all the time? No! It is more about cultivating balance. Consistently try something new. Challenge yourself to push through resistance internally and physically. This will keep you inspired, your body strong and supple, and your yoga practice alive. You will gain insights to yourself that might transform you on and off the mat.

AutoPay for You

AutoPay allows you Monthly Unlimited yoga for just $100/month  with a 3-month commitment – after this period, the contract will continue to auto-renew (Just $90/month for Students & Wise Elders). In addition to the unlimited yoga, you’ll also have the added bonus of 10% off all non-sale merchandise and workshops! We also hold special members-only events from time to time.  If you are attending at least twice a week this is by far the best deal! (To get the most out of yoga, we suggest attending 2-3 times a week at minimum.)

You can sign up with a credit or debit card at any time online through the Mindbody or in the studio. If on-line, you’ll find this deal and more details on the Online Shop “Contracts” tab.  Students and Wise Elders should purchase in-studio so that we can apply your discount.

*AutoPay Memberships may be paused once a year for 1-3 months with at least 2 weeks’ prior notice. A second pause will incur a $20  administrative fee.

First Timer’s Special – 30 Days Just $50

If you are new to Mudra and live in Lane County, the best way to try out the studio is to sign up for our First-Timer’s Special. It allows you to come to unlimited classes for 30 days from purchase – for just $50. We know that students seek teachers and styles that suit them best, so this  is the perfect way to try out all of our teachers and every class style you are interested in! You can purchase the pass and sign up for classes online (just remember that the 30 days start on the day you purchase) or simply purchase the pass when you come in to the studio.

We look forward to meeting you at Mudra!



Introducing Anne-Marie!

Yoga In EugeneWhere are you from?
Beautiful Virginia! I was born and raised in the Washington D.C. area but like to say I grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My parents have a cabin at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where we spent our spare time away from the hustle of D.C.; hiking, building bonfires, and cultivating a love for the outdoors.

Why did you relocate to Eugene?
To pursue a more outdoors-centric, laid-back lifestyle with my husband, sweet rescue pup, and baby on the way!

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one type of meal, what would it be?
Thanksgiving…especially the desserts 🙂

Coffee or tea? What type/brew?
Since moving to Eugene, I’ve been loving the variety of loose tea blends from Mountain Rose Herbs.

What do you do for fun (besides yoga)?
I love traveling, all outdoor activities, and am always up for an adventure. In my spare time, you’ll find me exploring new trails, climbing, singing a tune, cooking fresh fare, studying the environment, and attempting to garden.

Where do you draw inspiration?
I’m inspired by the wild beauty of natural landscapes, the free-spirit of animals, nourishing relationships, risk-takers, and genuine authenticity.

Three songs you love:
There are too many to choose from! But a few of my all-time favorites are For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield), The Chain (Fleetwood Mac), and Old Pine (Ben Howard).

What’s your favorite animal?

Favorite yoga posture?
Pigeon Pose

Why do you practice and teach yoga?
Yoga continually supports my journey of personal growth and transformation. I’ve found that the practice helps nurtures my soul and gives me freedom to explore and create. I’m grateful for each opportunity I have to roll out my mat, move, and breath.

I simply love sharing my passion for yoga. From sequencing, to assisting, to music selection…I love the creative outlet that teaching provides me. In my classes, I aim to create an encouraging, welcoming space where students feel empowered to explore their own practice.

Practice with Anne-Marie:
During our new morning Vinyasa classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6:40-7:40am.  If you love supportive assists and fluid classes, you gotta experience Anne-Marie’s teaching style!

Shanti, shanti, shanti…om!

Where are you from?
My family moved around a lot . But I spent a good part of my childhood on Maui and in Southern California.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one type of meal, what would it be?
Roasted veggies (especially sweet potato) over mixed greens. It’s my go to meal!

Coffee or tea? What type/brew?
I like both but  I love my coffee! Usually an iced americano .

What do you do for fun (besides yoga)?
Anything in nature! Love to hike! Spend time with family, cook, read, listen to music, and I love road trips and traveling!

Best trip you’ve ever taken?
That’s a tough one but Bali is probably the most inspiring and transformational trip I’ve taken.

What inspires you?
Being in nature, music, people who empower themselves to live a life that fulfills them and creates joy.

Favorite color?

Three songs you love:
Let it be (Beatles)
Wild World (Cat Stevens)
Could you be love (Bob Marley)

Favorite yoga posture?
Downward facing dog

Why do you practice and teach yoga?
For sanity 😉

Practice with Shanti:
Shanti teaches the Friday, 4pm, Happy Hour classes – join her and see first-hand what makes her such a great instructor! Want to know more? View her bio.

Chat with Steph:

Where are you from?
New Jersey, the Garden State!

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one type of meal, what would it be?
Burritos stuffed with leftovers. This is pretty much what I eat every day! (Wait, Steph – does that mean you’d have an infinity of burritos stuffed with left-over burritos? !) 🙂

Coffee or tea? What type/brew?
Coffee! Americanos are my favorite.

What do you do for fun (besides yoga)?
I stay pretty active! I like to run, bike, and swim to complement my yoga practice. I also love to garden in my yard, play with my dog, experiment with composting and other urban agriculture projects, and cook tasty meals. I generally have a lot of projects going at once 🙂

Where do you draw inspiration?
I draw inspiration from being outside. I love being in nature hiking, biking, sitting, and just being. I also love sitting with my bead collection and seeing what type of jewelry I can come up with.

What is your idea of a perfect vacation?
Getting lost in a big foreign city and/or finding backcountry hikes to explore new terrain.

Three songs you love:
Obvious Child by Paul Simon,
Like Wow by Beck,
Brass in Pocket by The Pretenders

Favorite yoga posture?
Half moon!

Why do you practice and teach yoga?
I find that practicing yoga allows me to draw from within, meaning that I don’t need much external motivation to get into my practice–additionally, the benefits of practice are immediate and grounding. In yoga classes, I love drawing energy and inspiration from others in the class by learning stories of other students and watching people grow over time. I practice yoga because of the way it makes me feel. At this point in my life, I am ready to teach to be able to share those feelings with others. If I am able to instill any of the benefits yoga has provided to me over the years, that would fulfill any dreams I have of becoming a teacher for others. Yoga connects me to my true self, while also pushing me to grow, challenging myself in new ways, and reminding me to never take myself too seriously. Practicing yoga builds my confidence and continues to teach me about who I am and who I want to be.

Practice with Steph:
Sundays, 4pm Vinyasa and 5:30pm Relax & Restore. More about Steph in her bio!

Teacher Training Info Session, Sept 14

Get an overview of the Mudra Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training program curriculum and see if this training is a good fit for you. The complimentary session begins with an overview of the training followed by a Q&A session. Join us Friday, September, 14, 2018; 6-7pm. Click here to RSVP!