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Mudra is a yoga haven for those with busy lives – that includes you workers, stay-at-home parents, and higher-ed students. It is equally home to those of you who simply wish to dive in to an inspired yoga practice. We are a community of friends who enjoy and respect life fully – with great health and vigor! The studio is clean, modern and inviting – plus the view of downtown and Spencer’s Butte from down dog is fantastic! Welcome!

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Yoga Nidra

Join us for these special, monthly classes from 7-8:15pm on Sundays; August 26, September 23 & October 21!  Yoga Nidra escorts the mind into a deep, meditative, relaxed awareness or “yogic sleep”. The practice allows the wisdom of the body to facilitate natural healing work. Yoga Nidra is incredible in soothing tension and anxiety. Aricha draws from … Continue reading Yoga Nidra

Vin/Yin Through the Chakras, Sept 13 & 27

Join Zoe on Thursdays, September 13 & 27 at 7-8:30pm for Vin/Yin! Each of these juicy Vin/Yin yoga classes will combine the power of Vinyasa with the slow holds of Yin Yoga. Meshing the two creates a profound, balancing, yin-yang yoga practice. The sessions will include dynamic vinyasa flow, timed yin postures designed to increase … Continue reading Vin/Yin Through the Chakras, Sept 13 & 27